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San Diego and El Centro Criminal Defense Lawyer

In 32 years as a San Diego criminal defense lawyer I have successfully handled more than two thousand-five hundred criminal defense cases including two hundred federal and state criminal trials. This wealth of experience allows me to do a thorough risk assessment of your particular case and present the best defense of your case possible. I have developed a solid reputation with judges, prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys in the California criminal courts since starting the Law Office of Jack J. Boltax in 1988. I understand your freedom may be at stake so I offer a free thirty minute initial consultation to help provide you with the knowledge and resources you need for a successful defense.

I have handled a wide variety of criminal cases, many of which I have successfully negotiated, defended, and/or tried, including driving under the influence cases, federal crimes, military criminal defense, alien smuggling, businesses that hire illegal immigrants, as well as probation, supervised release and parole violations.

If you or a family member has found yourself in the unfortunate circumstances of needing a criminal defense attorney there are three things you should consider:

  • Regardless of the criminal offense you are being charged with, you deserve the most aggressive defense of your rights possible.

  • A qualified attorney is thoroughly prepared, gathering all the necessary information required to properly present your case with the goal of taking control of it from the beginning.

  • An experienced attorney will take the time to review your case, calmly listen to you and provide an honest evaluation of the best way to proceed with your case and keep in regular contact with you throughout your case.

My law firm is conveniently located in San Diego. If you want to discuss your case in a calm, thoughtful and nonjudgmental environment with an experienced criminal defense attorney, contact the Law Office of Jack J. Boltax. I offer a confidential free initial consultation, affordable fees and the strongest defense of your rights.

Interpreters available for a variety of languages, please inquire.