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San Diego & El Centro Driving Under the Influence Lawyer

A driving under the influence conviction can have dire and expensive consequences. First time offenders face stiff fines and administrative costs, loss of driving privileges, administrative action on your license by DMV resulting in a longer suspension plus participation in one or more community programs, substantial increases in car insurance rates, and even jail.

Repeat offenders can face mandatory jail sentences, suspension of a minimum of one (1) year, stiff fines and administrative costs, mandatory counseling and the cost of installing an alcohol ignition interlock device in your car. In some cases, repeat offenders can face state prison time. With these potential serious consequences, it is important that you hire an established and capable attorney to protect your rights, aggressively defend you and to minimize your exposure to a harsh sentence.

How a DUI charge is resolved depends on the following analysis:

  1. The driving- was it unsafe or was there a Vehicle Code probable cause violation to stop the vehicle
  2. Objective symptoms your cooperation, your speech, blood show watery eyes, unbalanced walking, response to questions, orientation as to time and place.
  3. Field sobriety tests horizontal gaze nystagmus (ability to follow a light or tip of a pen with your eyes) finger count test, reverse alphabet, walking a line, swaying test, finger to nose touch test.
  4. Probable cause to arrest.
  5. Blood alcohol based on blood draw or breath.

I have experience with how to assess one's performance.