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San Diego & El Centro White Collar Crimes Lawyer

If you are facing federal criminal charges it's important to feel comfortable discussing all aspects of your case candidly with a trusted attorney so he or she can understand all the evidence and facts of your case. With close to three decades of experience as a San Diego federal criminal attorney I have defended more than 500 federal cases with positive results for my clients.

San Diego and El Centro Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

As in all criminal cases it's important to engage competent legal counsel as soon as possible in the process. More people talk themselves into trouble, than out of it. Knowing your rights before you speak with the authorities can make a world of difference in the defense of your case.

People are more frequently detained in federal court than state court, so to effectively fight for your release it's important to have a lawyer knowledgeable and experienced in federal court procedures. If you are detained on a federal criminal charge it is much more difficult to bond out (obtain pre-trial release) than it is in a state case. In a federal case the bonding restrictions generally surround the guarantee of a surety for the entire payment amount of the bond in addition to certain performance criteria such as travel limitations, drug testing and mandatory property searches. In a state case you might be able to contract with a bail bondsman with 10 percent down on the bail amount and just have to appear at your next court date.

White Collar Defense

White collar crimes typically involve some sort of deceit for financial gain. The more common white collar crimes involve various forms of fraud, such as insurance fraud, embezzlement, tax evasion and money laundering. Less common white collar crimes include securities fraud such as insider trading or misstating a company's financial health or prospects and "ponzi" schemes. White collar crimes also include very complex conspiracies and criminal enterprises, businesses and/or schemes involving street gangs resulting in federal charges of Racketeering (RICO), in which the participants are looking at long prison sentences.

In my career I have defended against a wide array of federal and state criminal cases, including racketeering (RICO), conspiracies, gangs, sex offender crimes, international and interstate drug trafficking, as well as alien smuggling. And many crimes, such as drunk driving, that occur on a federal military base or on federal property, can also result in a federal prosecution.

There are a great many differences between the state and federal courts beyond pre-trial release (bonds) and sentencing, so it's important to have an experienced lawyer knowledgeable in federal criminal statutes on your side. To discuss your criminal case in a confidential, nonjudgmental environment contact the San Diego, California Law Office of Jack J. Boltax.