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San Diego Probation Violations Lawyer

I have defended well in excess of 500 probation and supervised release violations in my 30 years as criminal defense lawyer. With hundreds of satisfied clients I have developed a solid reputation with judges, prosecutors and fellow criminal defense attorneys over the years and have learned quite a few things about the court system and how to properly defend against probation, parole and supervised release violations.

One important factor in probation violation hearings is to understand the authority and power the corrections officer has in order to effectively defend against any violations. A probation violation can be minor or serious, depending on the conditions of probation that were broken, so it's important to be proactive if you think you may be in violation.

The burden of proof in a violation hearing is different from a case where a defendant is charged with a crime. In a violation hearing, the burden of proof is lower and a judge may allow hearsay into evidence. It's important for your attorney to understand how reliable the evidence is and to vigorously attack that evidence when possible.

If you think you may be in violation of the conditions of your probation, or supervised release or parole, the sooner you engage experienced legal counsel the more likely you are to mitigate any fallout from a violation. California requires parolees and probationers to be subject to strict state statutory requirements, such as defining where you can legally live. Another requirement is you are subject to be searched without a warrant, with or without cause and, in the case of sex offenders, the statute also requires you to register at least annually with local authorities.

Probation, supervised release and parole violations can have minor to severe consequences under state and federal criminal laws. More serious violations could require you to be sent back to prison. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can help you navigate the system and possibly help keep you out of prison.

My approach to criminal law has always been to develop a relationship of trust with each of my clients. Trust is an integral part of any aggressive criminal defense as it allows me a complete understanding of all the facts in your case. I do not believe in judging the person, only the facts of your case and guiding you through the process to achieve the best possible outcome for your situation.

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