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San Diego & El Centro Alien Smuggling Defense Lawyer

There are many legal questions surrounding the smuggling of illegal aliens into the United States. For example, was it smuggling or just simply driving a vehicle with a person unbeknownst to you to be an illegal alien? If you are being charged with smuggling illegal aliens into the U.S., there are a great many variables that should be considered in your defense.

In alien smuggling cases, the government picks and chooses its witnesses, and not always in a timely manner or in the best interest of the accused. As an experienced alien smuggling defense attorney, I know the importance of interviewing any material witnesses early in the process, before they disappear or are deported and/or if possible, prior to the investigative reports being filed.

The importance of gathering the facts as quickly as possible can't be stressed enough. For example, in many instances a person entering the country illegally is found in a group of illegal aliens and is thus accused of alien smuggling. Early investigation by your defense attorney can mean the difference between the accused being charged with smuggling or simply charged with entering the country illegally. The charges carry vastly different consequences starting with simply being deported to a minimum mandatory sentence of five years in jail for a successful smuggling conviction. This is where an experienced attorney can help you navigate the system and find the best resolution possible for your situation.

Hiring of Illegal Immigrants Defense: San Diego and El Centro

With increasing frequency, authorities are going after businesses that hire illegal immigrants. Some may say this is politically driven or has to do with the person who owns and manages the business. Either way they are looking for evidence to determine if the business owner knew or should have known the employees were illegal and how long they were working for him or her.

Federal and state immigration and employment laws continually change so it's important to have an experienced lawyer on your side to aggressively defend your rights. An experienced lawyer can also help a business proactively by advising them on how to avoid situations in which an illegal alien is hired. For a no-obligation, confidential consultation regarding smuggling or the hiring illegal workers, contact the San Diego, California, Law Office of Jack J. Boltax.